At Priceless Granite & Quartz we have been in business for the past 15 years and have completed over 6750 granite projects, both retail/commercial from all over the Pacific Northwest. Our Priceless Granite & Quartz team is comprised of professionals whose first priority is you-our client.

From our selection of over 300 granite colors to nearly 250 Quartz colors, we want our clients to “experience excellence”. Our showroom is filled with a vast variety of complementary granite and quartz projects.

We have thousands of digital photos on display to help you create a vision that is possible.

From our computerized templates to the virtual layout we the finest technology available to help create your project.  At Priceless Granite & Quartz  we want you to feel our passion for our industry and most importantly our clients. Your dream project becomes reality and it is seamless.

That’s why our motto is “Experience Excellence”.



Our Fans are RAVING...

I knew nothing about granite when my wife and I first started out on our adventure to remodel our kitchen. But because of Priceless Granite, I not only know quite a bit about the igneous rock but I wasn't driven mad by the stress of remodeling our kitchen. Their contractors took us by the hand and made sure we were fully prepared to embark on this journey, always being a phone call or email away. They did their very best to make sure that our challenge of fixing up our home was a pleasant one.

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